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FCUM Radio has always been a kind of forward thinking place, now easily the largest volunteer only radio station in the UK. But believe it or not, over the past year we have been ticking over a bit. But now! With all eyes now fixed on the mother club moving to a new permanent home in […]

Free Gorton Library Radio Course

Running A Community Newsroom  Starts Tuesday 4th November Every Tuesday (10am – 3pm) for 12 weeks  This course is open to all adults, and is designed to be accessible to everybody regardless of ability and personal circumstances. Learn how to produce a radio programme with FC United Community Radio with a free 12 week course covering all […]

FCUM Radio Recommends – 13th September 2014

For this Weekend’s Record Shop Shop, FCUM Radio Recommends the Following Items:   Half Japanese – Overjoyed Possible contender for album of the year, these art punk pioneers from another era, have come back this month with an absolute beast.  Highly Recommended. Spring King – Demons EP Manchester based band, Spring King have this past […]

Radio Breakdown

Welcome to Bower Fold FCUM Radio! Once again dear listener, FCUM Radio has to offer its apologies for yesterday’s problematic FC Live. The issues that we are facing are due to wifi problems within the ground, and unfortunately it is not easily sorted. It has been bad at Bower Fold for a while now, and […]

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