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Join Us……Join Us

FCUM Radio has always been a kind of forward thinking place, now easily the largest volunteer only radio station in the UK. But believe it or not, over the past year we have been ticking over a bit. But now! With all eyes now fixed on the mother club moving to a new permanent home in […]

The Daft Ideas – Doing Things Differently

 An Editorial: This week, some of you may have read the excellent piece on the Fine Lung website, urging you all to think about the future when it comes to Course You Can Malcolm. For those of you unaware of what Course You Can Malcolm is, lets just say that it is the pre-match club night in the […]

One Week To Go

 From The Desk of Marv In a week’s time we’ll be hosting the FCUM Radio Summer Proms night at the Ruby Lounge, and I couldn’t be giddier. We’ve got some sensational acts playing and to be able to play alongside them as well is quite special for me personally.As a musician, you’re not supposed to […]

Why We Need a Studio

You may have heard in recent weeks that FCUM Radio has started to promote their almost annual Summer Proms fundraising event for this year, taking place this August at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge. The last time FCUM Radio embarked on such a fundraising effort, it was for the FC United Development Fund back in 2010, with […]

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