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What use are these 'well gay' blue bibs? They stop Keg getting pie down his jacket!

Midday, and The Producer rings me.. “Keg we reckon we can do the radio from Leigh tonight, can you make it, and bring the gear over to my house?”

To be honest I think Swampy and The Producer have finally lost the plot.. Leigh v BPA? I know people will be looking for the results tonight, but enough to make it worth traipsing all the way over to Leigh Sports Village?

Surely the whole thing will be an ambitious wash-out?

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong could I? A heroic Leigh performance, and BPA drop 3 points. Live updates from Nantwich, and thanks to Ben and George for the half time calls, and most of all, thanks to the hundreds of nutters who logged on to listen and take part in the show last night:- FCUM, BPA, Leigh, Nantwich, and Kendal fans. Thanks to you all for making it a great night. It turned out to be our third most popular show of the year (behind the away games at Ilkeston and Marine).

At one point we were even obliged by the staff at LSV to wear blue Press bibs, whilst doing the show. Cue an almost immediate text from the FCUM contingent on the far side of the ground saying we looked ‘Well gay…’

If ever we needed an incentive to give BPA a spanking on Saturday (not that we do… play off quarter finals and all that…), then how about what the radio team witnessed after the game last night.

The Producer, Swampy and I were amongst the last to leave Leigh Sports Village last night, it was 20 minutes after the game had ended, the visiting hordes of Leigh, FCUM, and Bradford fans were all long gone.
For some reason, the Bradford squad must have decided to for-go Leigh’s post match hospitality, and jump straight back on their (Luxury, VIP.. it said so in big letters on the side) team coach back to Yorkshire.
As the last of the playing/coaching staff were boarding their bus, two of the young lads who had played for Leigh came out to walk over to their car… keep bearing in mind here that there was no one else about.. just the Bradford squad, us, and two young Leigh players.
One of the Bradford coaching staff (a bald, sun-tanned, older bloke), launched into a very loud, intimidating and completely unprovoked verbal assault on the two young Leigh players. Amongst the insults heard were “YOU’RE A F**CKING DISGRACE !! YOU’RE JUST A F**KING PUB TEAM !!” This to two lads quietly leaving the ground on their own, who didn’t react to the unprovoked verbal abuse in any way.

Yeah right Bradford… intimidate a couple of lads on their own, a couple of lads who played in a ‘pub team’ that were better than you for long periods, and a ‘f**king disgrace’ of a team that beat you 2-1 on the night, because if Bradford’s own fans are to be believed (which I do), you played a weakened team tonight, because you assumed that this match was just a ‘gimme’ for you.

Let’s try and define the opposite of Class… oh yeah… it’s that Bradford Park Avenue coach. Gracious in defeat? Not one bit of it. Giving it out to a couple of young lads on their own whilst no-one else is around? Nice one.

At Leigh Sports Village last night I saw a lesson in class both ON and OFF the pitch. Well done Leigh Genesis… oh and Bradford? Take a good look at yourselves

Giddyometer for Saturday now completely off the scale, it’s in our hands, we CAN DO THIS! And we are all looking forward to meeting the Armchair Army before the game.

See you at Gigg Lane on Saturday !


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