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fcum_head_outlineAn Editorial:

Today, a quite remarkable navel gazing event is taking place down in that there London.  Known simply nowadays as The FA Community Shield supported by McDonalds, to many a Sky Sports subscriber, this particular match represents the curtain-raiser to “yet” another enthralling football season.

However, a tweet Producer Ben made today seems to have resonated a bit with quite a few people, and it read;

“Nothing screams out community more than McDonalds & two corporate football companies having a game of kickabout in a billion pound stadium”

Who knew that just 140 characters could actually be enough to sum up modern top flight football?

But rather than go off into the deep end in this particular editorial, and go on about things that you already know about the Premier League, Corporate Responsibility, the FA, and the Wembley Stadium Project as a whole.  Today we would rather draw your attentions to a much more worthy cause.

A campaign was launched in recent times simply called Save Grassroots Football, which urges all those bodies at the top of the game, to distribute the wealth from broadcasting rights much more effectively, and as a result, ensure that every child in the UK can have better access to organised sport.

Unfortunately though, the first time this petition was launched on the Governments website, it only received 30,000 signatures.  That’s 70,000 signatures (or roughly the attendance at today’s “Community” Shield) short of the 100,000 needed to get the motion properly debated in parliament.

But now there is a new petition, and today, FCUM Radio is urging you all to get it signed!

Anybody out there who has a child who plays football, or anyone who supports a team outside of the Scudamore umbrella,  or who volunteers their time to try and organise football at any level outside of Wembley Stadium today, knows how much the grassroots game is really struggling in this country.

But today, the highest echelons of the game in that same country will sit down at Wembley and convince themselves that they have done enough to keep up with their corporate responsibility commitments, well for another year at least.

But here at FCUM Radio we say its time for these Hamburglars to think again.


For more information on the Save Grassroots Football campaign, please visit their Twitter Feed




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