FC Soul Night Tonight

FC Soul Night

FCUM Radio in its infinite wisdom has dedicated an entire evening purely to quality RnB and smoothness.

While many hard edged politicians are gearing up for a good old barny on Question Time, here on your station, each Thursday from 7pm we bring you a whole evening of loveliness and delight all wrapped up in a blanket of warmth we like to call FC Soul Night.

At 7pm, Freestylin With Finton kicks things off with a show celebrating all things RnB, Hip Hop, Funk and Soul, over the course of a gloriously thumping two hours.

While at 9.30pm, Scott Taylor enters the fray with Hidden Gems, a show which is best served with a glass of milk and some cookies, as Scott presents the smoothest soul possible for an entire hour.

And to top it all off, we close off the night with The Time Travelling Turntable at 10.30pm, a show which bounces around the genres of Retro RnB, Funk and Hip Hop like a demented rubber ball.

So join FCUM Radio tonight from 7pm and dim the lights.

FC Soul Night 

19.00 Freestylin’ With Finton

21.00 This Club Is My Club

21.30 Hidden Gems

22.30 The Time Travelling Turntable


How do I listen? 

You can listen to FCUM Radio by clicking on the following links:

i-Tunes: www.fcum.tv/listen.pls 
Windows Media Player: www.fcum.tv/listen.asx 

Firewall? Try this: www.fcumradio.co.uk/listenfw.asx 

Flash Player: www.fcumradio.co.uk/FCUMRADIO-FLASH-PLAYER.html

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