FC United Broadcasting Charter

The purpose of FCUM Radio shall be to:

1. Aid communication, assist the free flow of information and opinions throughout the club, encourage creative expression and contribute to the democratic process of FC United of Manchester;

2. Provide access to training, production and broadcasting facilities; encourage local creative talent from the wider community; and provide programmes for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our audience and the membership base of FC United of Manchester;

3. Be representative of the members of FC United of Manchester;

4. Be editorially independent from the FC United club board, from FC United employees, from government bodies, commercial and religious institutions and political parties in determining programme policy and content;

5. Seek to honestly inform our audience on the basis of information drawn from a diversity of sources and provide a right of reply to any person or organisation subject to misrepresentation;

6. Be established as an organisation which is operated not for profit;

7. Be established to encourage, recognise and respect the contribution of volunteers;

8. Be opposed to discrimination and is open and accountable to all FC United  members, staff and volunteers;