FCUM Radio Recommends – 8th August 2014

1156857For this Weekend’s Record Shop Shop, FCUM Radio Recommends the Following Items:



The Black Angels – Clear Lake Forest

Following on from their marvellously fuzzy 2013 release, Indigo Meadow, this five-piece from Austin Texas have returned in 2014 with this delightful 7 track EP.



Deers - Demo

Two girls from Madrid walk into their rehearsal room and come out with this two track beaut, which is very Girls in the Garage stuff. We’re pretty sure that if they keep up this form, the full album will be a corker.



Billy Childish and Holly Golightly - In Blood

Back in 1999, when the world was going all mildly meek at the sounds of Travis and Toploader, this little gem was released to savage neglect.  But now it’s back as a re-issue, and excitingly available in LP form from Piccadilly Records. So if this one passed you by the first time round, make sure you make amends this weekend.

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  1. Campeybot On Earth
    Campeybot On Earth August 8, 2014 at 8:29 pm #

    Cosines LP is good as well. http://fikarecordings.com/artists/cosines/

  2. Campeybot On Earth
    Campeybot On Earth August 13, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

    Campeybot will be playing Cosines on United! a Go! Go! Campeybot also recommends stupid human band Alvvays. Alvvays will be played on United! a Go! Go! Campeybot will be playing Alvvays. Campeybot will be playing Archie, Marry Me. It is a song for Robot Archie. RIP.

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