Game Over?

The Bonus Round is a weekly radio show pre-recorded and aired every Saturday at 11am and repeated Sunday at 5pm on the beautiful FCUM Radio. But its not just any old radio show, oh no! Its THEE online radio show dedicated to computer gaming.

Show 82 of the world’s best computer gaming radio show this week, is brought to you by the usual crew of Russ, Chris, and Gus.

In “Whatcha’ been playin’” this week, Russ finally plays some games with the much hyped Journey on PSN, Chris plays some more Tribes Ascend with Gus, but also fits in some 360 gaming.

In the News Section this week, the boys cover all the latest in the industry from sales chart stuff to all the releases for the week, rumours, big hitters for the week and fun stuff to provoke discussion.

And one more thing! Dont forget, you can also follow the lads on twitter ; @bonus_round


The Podcast Version is also released on a semi-regular mid-week schedule!

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