Happy FCUM Radio Summer Proms Eve

fcum_head_outlineAn Editorial:

The countdown to this year’s FCUM Radio Summer Proms is now fast approaching zero, and here at the station, we have now entered the phase known as “blind panic”.

But at nervous times like this, it is probably best just to wade through all that anxiety stuff and start to remember what the whole point of it all actually is.

Tomorrow night, FCUM Radio with your help, will begin a new chapter in its long and irreverent history, and hopefully its going to be a hell of an evening for all concerned.

But as well as all the fun, and all the games, and of course all the quality music, there is actually a genuine good cause at the end of this musical extravaganza as well.

So as we tick down to zero for this year’s FCUM Radio Summer Proms, why not join us as we start to count down an entirely different clock altogether, a clock counting down to the future, and a new community studio facility in Moston.

And it all begins tomorrow night from 7.30pm, down at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge.  Be There!

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