Having faith in Margy.. and doing the maths…

This is the second season we find ourselves entering April and I have to pinch myself at the situation we find ourselves in. 

Margy proves all the doubters wrong for a second season in succession, and after spanking NFU (the National Farmers Union ?) 4-0 on Saturday, we find ourselves sitting pretty in the play-offs with just 3 games to go. 4th positon and just a point off Nantwich in 3rd.

The next 3 games are going to be immense (I had to physically remind myself not to use the word ‘ma**ive’ just then) as we play the 3 other teams in the play-off spots (as of now), two of which have already beaten us this season.

FCUM Radio boffins work on possible points permutations for the play offs..

FCUM Radio boffins work on possible points permutations for the play offs..

Dropping points just isn’t good enough for those teams anymore, not if they want to continue pushing for those play off spots. So the pressure has most definately transferred over to the teams chasing us. It’ll be interesting to see who blinks first..

Looking at the fixtures for the next week we won’t have to wait long to find out… Bradford, Kendal, and Hednesford all have to play THREE games in the next SIX days.

That’s a big physical and mental challenge when you have to keep winning. Guiseley have got it easy…  they just have to play twice  ;-)

After putting a great run together in recent weeks, Nantwich lost at home at the weekend… a nice little pyschological boost for us for when we play them (fresh as a daisy) at Gigg Lane on Bank Holiday Monday.

I’m not a huge fan of those ‘BELIEVE’ montages that the crowd hold up in Big United games now… but that’s what football is all about isn’t it…believing ?

Right now I believe we are in with more than a good shout of making the play off positions… and after that who knows…?

Looks like I’ll be spending sometime in the evenings searching for Unibond Prem results over the next week !


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