Levenshulme Players on FCUM Radio


FCUM Radio is proud to announce that we have quite literally gotten our acts together, and can now bring to you a brand new feature each week before every Saturday FC Live match programme.

We’re calling this new feature…..The FCUM Radio Play Of The Week.

It has been a long held ambition of FCUM Radio to go a tad Radio 4 on occasions, and to bring to you a bit of radio drama now and then, so we’re dead chuft to be able to bring to you, our beloved audience, a radio play each week, at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon.

In the first ever play of the week, to be aired on Saturday 24th of March at 2pm, FCUM Radio has partnered with The Levenshulme Players to bring to you the first of a five part Sci Fi Crime Thriller called Jealousy.   The Levenshulme Players are a local drama group based at The Levenshulme Inspire in that there Levenshulme.  They write and perform their own material and we are honoured to be able to bring their work to you each week for the remainder of the season.

So our steps towards Radio 4 glory continue apace, look out for the FCUM Radio Cricket Specials over the summer months people! You have been warned!


For more details on what else can be heard on Saturday on your radio station, please have a read of this piece of FCUM Radio news…. http://www.fcumradio.co.uk/mightily-interesting-saturday/

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