Loud and clear..?

After the manic game at Ilkeston I had the idea of somehow saying thank you to all our Armchair Army listeners… what started out as a ‘normal’ show, got more manic as the match went on… and it just become a never ending stream of people texting in to say where in the world we were ‘Loud and Clear’… it was quite a surreal experience, helped of course when we scored the winner ;-).

So, as a thank you (of sorts), I decided to go through the text phone memory and name-check everyone who listened on that memorable day and texted in including their name and location, and also as a thank you to all of you for your support for us this season..

The real, and maybe not so real (!), “I Was There” Role of Honour, genuinely extracted from the text phone from that memorable afternoon…

One of the FCUM Radio 'Back room staff' helps Keg go through the text phone!One of the FCUM Radio ‘Back room staff’ [AKA Keg's Angels] helps Keg go through the text phone!

  • Holland… BB11

  • Bradley in Sweden

  • Pritch in Cyprus
  • The Prime Minister of Thailand
  • Oi! In Athens
  • Keith in Warwick
  • Jay Merell in Cyprus (hope Big Dave’s ok)
  • Sherpa Smith in Salford
  • Kitty from Sibsey
  • Chris in Belfast
  • Paul in Middleton
  • East Anglian Red
  • Paul the Pen in the IOM
  • Manc exile in London
  • Davethecue in South London
  • Oz in Zagreb
  • Dan in Manchester
  • Lee in Stacksteads
  • Gilrob in Lincoln
  • Yura in the Ukraine
  • Chunky in Kendal
  • Sean in Stockport
  • Graham in Scotland
  • Joe in Bruges
  • Zoe in Bury
  • John in Dublin
  • Lucy
  • Jersey
  • Redfan in Bishop Auckland
  • Back to Grass roots in Norway
  • Bozzy in Lymm
  • Grimlock in Chorlton
  • Dez in Rochdale
  • Chris in Grantham
  • Ting Tong in Bangkok
  • Andy and John in SW France
  • Pete in Sheffield
  • Ged in Didsbury
  • Pearse in Barbados
  • Big Derek on Canal Street
  • Cockney Chris in London
  • Mezz
  • Jerome’s Mum
  • Paul, Gaynor, Charlie, and Izzy in Salford
  • Failsworth Fcumbag in Hell
  • Ron Plasma in Broadbottom
  • Charlotte in Canada
  • Peter the Penguin in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands
  • Pippy Longstocking in Old Trafford
  • Tony in Edgbaston
  • Big Billy Jones in Venezuela
  • Brian in China
  • Stu on Teeside
  • Jonathan (JDKFC) in the Costa Blanca
  • The virtual world of fcumania.co.uk
  • TC1878 in Chadderton
  • The BrewCrew in Melbourne, Australia
  • Bert Raccoon in the Evergreen Forrest
  • Dr Who in the Tardis
  • Redgull in Hollingworth
  • The Cheadle Lushes
  • Alex and Wayne in Carrington *wink wink*
  • Someone in Odessa, Ukraine
  • Doctor Gonzo in Stuttgart
  • Phil in Canada
  • Vics in the Metro Centre
  • Frank Nero in Withy Hospital
  • Reds in Radcliffe
  • Graham in FourOaks
  • The Red Army in Slovenia
  • Dicko in Leeds
  • Mike in Brighton
  • Mrs Baglady
  • Glastowinebar in Somerset
  • Tom (and everyone else) in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Nige in the Grapes
  • Chris in Grantham
  • The Ardwick Boys

A mix of the serious (and not so serious) texts received that day, but I hope it gives you an idea of the breadth of the Armchair Army, and the sometimes surreal, sometimes interesting job of sifting through all of these whilst the game is on !

We were also ‘Loud and clear’ on the Crapper, in the Void, at Disneyland, and in Crackerjackland if we are to believe everything we get sent on 07596 104122.

Whether genuine names or not, thanks for making it a memorable day for us… and we’ll see some of you tomorrow (although probably not Ting Tong, Dr Who, Bert Raccoon, and Big Derek)

We really must get the hang of muting The Producers bad language out of the show… we’ll get round to it one day.

I’ll just finish with a couple of late results from the ever reliable and up-to-date Unibond League ‘live scores’ webpage, as provided by Failsworth Fcumbag at the end of that memorable day… “The British are winning at Suez”, and “The Titanic is due into New York in Tuesday!”


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