On The Flight Path


Well folks! That’s it; the end is here, our last trip to Bower Fold for this season…..probably. And what a season it has been down at the home of Stalybridge Celtic on the three occasions FC has been the hosts.  Well actually, probably one game stands out really, the brilliant 6-3 win against North Ferriby.

But after shaky beginnings a few seasons back, there is now something rather homely and heart warming about hosting games at Bower Fold, it certainly generates a different feeling to that created at Gigg Lane. One could only imagine how it’s going to feel finally moving into our new home in Moston. Soon we’ll find out!

But enough of this preamble, let’s talk radio! And once again, FCUM Radio has pulled another glorious Saturday out of the bag!

Firstly, we are proud to introduce a brand new show for Saturday afternoons, coming your way every Saturday from now on at 12pm. Please be upstanding for the Right Honourable Billy Mitton, as he presents an hour of folk and blues in a show called The Rambling Mancunian.

Of course we will be live at 2.30pm for the main event, FC Live! FC United hosting Mickleover Sports at Bower Fold.  We’ll be bringing you it all live and exclusive on your station. And after the match, keep it FCUM Radio as we go back to Manchester for the FCUM Radio Pink Edition, as Marv brings to you all the footballing latest live at 5pm.

Before the match though, we have part two of the FCUM Radio Play of The Week, Jealousy by The Levenshulme Players, that’s coming your way at 2pm. Straight after that, and in preparation for next weekend’s A Woman’s Place Is At The Match game against Buxton, Suzi Hoffman presents a feature on Women and Football.

And don’t forget everything else on today and later tonight either, basically people, we’re talking 14 hours of pure volunteering brilliance, by the good people here at FCUM Radio, join us from 10am.


10:00 – Sown Ja Saterrdaze

11:00 – Bonus Round

12:00 – The Rambling Mancunian

13:00 - Children Of The Revolution

14:00 – FCUM Radio Play of The Week

14:15 – Women and Football

14:30 – FC Live – FC United v Mickleover Sports

17:00 – FCUM Radio Pink Edition

18:00 – The Funktion Room

19:00 – The Time Travelling Turntable

20:00 – The Roost

21:00 – The Michael Ward Hour

22:00 – Downtempo Sessions

23:00 – In The Area (R)

00:00 – Jukebox

How do I listen? 

You can listen to FCUM Radio by clicking on the following links:

i-Tunes: www.fcum.tv/listen.pls
Windows Media Player: www.fcum.tv/listen.asx

Firewall? Try this: www.fcumradio.co.uk/listenfw.asx

Flash Player: www.fcumradio.co.uk/FCUMRADIO-FLASH-PLAYER.html

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