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In a week’s time we’ll be hosting the FCUM Radio Summer Proms night at the Ruby Lounge, and I couldn’t be giddier. We’ve got some sensational acts playing and to be able to play alongside them as well is quite special for me personally.As a musician, you’re not supposed to be giddy. You’re not supposed to show how genuinely thrilled you are to be on stage. There have been gigs that I have suffered (see Oasis, Bloc Party) where the emphasis seemed to be placed on standing still, looking entirely unbothered by proceedings and, at times, catatonic. So yeah, you’re not supposed to be giddy.

It’s also not particularly ‘cool’ to discuss this in a public forum, but here I go anyway.

Next Wednesday will be something a little different, something a little special. We will be getting rightfully giddy about it on the night and we hope you can join us for the giddyness. FCUM Radio is all about music – it’s the thing that brought us all together. It’s not about pretending we’re something we’re not or trying to convince people we’re cool; it’s about loving music.

And it’s about FC United.

To me, FC United is about individuality supported by group mentality. The support every Red shows for the team, each other and all the various fundraisers is a welcome constant reminder of how special it is to be involved in FCUM Radio and supporting the club in our own way.

I hope you can join us and get everyone you know to join us next Wednesday (6 August) at the Ruby Lounge. Every penny raised is going toward us fitting out our very first studio. It will mean the world to us volunteers that have put so much time into the station since it first started in 2006. It will also bring great opportunities to the club for us to continue with our community work.

FCUM Radio Summer Proms
Ruby Lounge
Five Pounds
Wednesday 6 August


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