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Club members might now be aware of a resolution that FCUM Radio and TV have submitted to this year’s FC United AGM. This submitted resolution can be found below;


That the club officially recognises the Broadcasting Charter which will underpin FCUM Radio and FCUM TV in the future.

Supporting information:

In 2012, a document was submitted which outlined several proposals for the future of both FCUM Radio and FCUM TV. Many of these proposals were dependent on stadium completion.  Now that the club are close to completing Broadhurst Park, we feel that it is now the appropriate time to resubmit the core proposal from that original 2012 document.

Please find the proposed Broadcasting Charter below.

FC United Broadcasting Charter

The purpose of FCUM Radio and FCUM TV shall be to:

1. Aid communication, assist the free flow of information and opinions throughout the club, encourage creative expression and contribute to the democratic process of FC United of Manchester;

2. Provide access to training, production and broadcasting facilities; encourage local creative talent from the wider community; and provide programmes for the benefit, entertainment, education and development of our audience and the membership base of FC United of Manchester;

3. Be representative of the members of FC United of Manchester;

4. Be editorially independent from the FC United club board, from FC United employees, from government bodies, commercial and religious institutions and political parties in determining programme policy and content;

5. Seek to honestly inform our audience on the basis of information drawn from a diversity of sources and provide a right of reply to any person or organisation subject to misrepresentation;

6. Be established as an organisation which is operated not for profit;

7. Be established to encourage, recognise and respect the contribution of volunteers;

8. Be opposed to discrimination and is open and accountable to all FC United members, staff and volunteers;

Today we start to present the case for why this resolution should be passed, and to clarify our position and the thinking behind it’s submission now.

As is stated within the resolution, the reason for this submission now is because the club’s move to Broadhurst Park is now nearly upon us, so we have resubmitted the bare bones of the original 2012 proposal at this time, to cement the position of the club’s broadcasting arm within the club for the future.

At this moment of significant change within the club, it is important that such a broad organisation of people and talents which make up FCUM Radio and TV, have a voice, and more importantly, have a clear purpose for the future.  So on the eve of our move to Moston, we are simply asking you, our beloved audience, what is our purpose?

The proposed Charter is from a previous document which was supported by the members at the 2012 spring meeting, and has now been implemented unofficially ever since.  The broadcasting arm of FC United, believed that what our audience wanted was for us to be able to bring you honest and entertaining coverage of FC United each week on the pitch. We also believed that serving the wider communities of Manchester was also important to you.  We also felt that if FC United is about changing football, then the broadcasting arm also has a role to play.  And finally, we have increased the number of faces and voices on our stations to better reflect the members of this club, and that of the wider communities of Manchester.

But just to clarify a few concerns which may have arisen from this resolution being submitted now for the upcoming 2014 General Meeting.

- This is not a proposal to establish a separate organisation.  In point six of the Charter where the term “organisation” is used, we are using the term in its purest sense, eg a collection of people, or in this case, a collection of volunteers.

- With regard to independence in point 4, we are clear that this is with regard to programme content and policy. What we are talking about in point 4 is the freedom to maintain our unique position as an audio fanzine within the club, and to have the ability to be a content provider for bodies within and outside of the club in the future.

- For example of a body outside of the club where this Charter has already been used, please see our work producing the Evo-Stik NPL Show.  In the original proposal for the league’s official podcast, we used this Charter to demonstrate and to reassure that we are editorially independent from our club board.

- The work that has been done over the last couple of seasons behind the scenes, to move our broadcasting operations in-house will be unaffected by this resolution.  This work  includes the budgeting for our services through the club, our sponsorship revenues now go through the club, our community programs are run through the club, we now produce official content like Bring Your Own Ball through the club, and no doubt we will one day run our studio operations through the club as well.  All of these in-house operational elements and more will continue unabated.

- With regard to the structure behind this Charter, we proposed a structure in 2012, and I am sure that the club has its own ideas about where the broadcasting arm could sit within the club.  But none of these ideas are mentioned within this resolution, that is deliberate. What we are talking about with this resolution is an underpinning of what the Radio and TV services are for.  Once these reasons for being are officially ratified by the membership, then the club structures that can fulfill this Charter on behalf of the members, can then be discussed and created.

Regardless of the result of this resolution at this years General Meeting, we remain committed in being an invaluable tool for the club and for the communities the club serves.

If you have any queries or concerns with regard to our resolution, by all means please do get in contact with us at station@fcumradio.co.uk

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