Radio Breakdown

smashed-radioWelcome to Bower Fold FCUM Radio!

Once again dear listener, FCUM Radio has to offer its apologies for yesterday’s problematic FC Live.

The issues that we are facing are due to wifi problems within the ground, and unfortunately it is not easily sorted.

It has been bad at Bower Fold for a while now, and it has become slightly notorious within the indie football broadcasting community as a result.

Bower Fold is a football ground where, depending on your mobile network, you’ll be lucky to even send a text message, let alone do a radio broadcast. So it is with these problems, that you will now find FCUM Radio for every home game, up until we move to our new home in Moston.

We do have to remember though, that while we have spent years now doing FC Live, we are still broadcasting from non league football grounds, in some very picturesque and rural parts of the world. And Bower Fold, barring the wifi issues, the place still remains a brilliant venue to have a game of kick-about, so its certainly not all bad.

At the end of yesterday’s coverage, we did try Stalybridge’s own wifi, but that wasn’t perfect, but was still miles better than our own.┬áBut for our next home game, we’re going to try the local BT Broadband and hope that that works better, so fingers crossed.


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