Redefining Community Radio

The volunteers behind FCUM Radio were pleased to hear the recent news that the FC United Board will support our ambitions to go FM in the early half of 2013. 

Ever since the creation of FCUM Radio in 2006, the station has played an important role within the club for being a tool for keeping all supporters in touch with events on the pitch, regardless of where they’re listening from or where the game is happening. Over the last three years FCUM Radio has broadened this initial role, so that the club can be in constant contact with its supporters throughout the whole week. With a hearty dose of football, music, comedy (sometimes unintentional comedy), the club’s radio station has helped increase the awareness of what FC United is about and has tirelessly demonstrated what volunteerism can achieve. 

In the future and with the Moston stadium very much in mind, FCUM Radio wants to increase its role within the club further.  We want to widen our football coverage to include Youth and Woman’s team matches from season one at Moston.  We want to be an invaluable tool for aiding communication and increasing governance within the club. We want to not just bring you the good news, but also give you the ability to question and to scrutinise as well.  We want to support the arts in the city; support and promote the next generation of Mancunian musicians; support good local businesses;  generate greater exposure for the club and we want to be a real asset to the club’s community team.  

Over the last three years, the volunteers at FCUM Radio have demonstrated what the station could be capable of with a permanent base.  We have already produced community programmes like Children of the Revolution and set up relationships with CreAteam, The Cornerhouse, and The Miners, as well as produced FC owner related content such as the panel discussion programme It’ll Be Off and The FC Bare Necessities. We have music programmes galore presented by passionate DJs who know their stuff. We’ve hosted the Summer Proms and showcased some of Manchester’s finest unsigned acts.  We’ve brought you moments of drama and ecstasy like the games at Rochdale and Brighton straight to your ears and we’ve brought you a County Cup Final for the Youth team.  We have even managed to broadcast from an actual field to bring you a FC United Woman’s derby match.  

We want to do all these things and more in the future, but to do that we need to keep being ambitious and striving to do more every day and taking the opportunities when they arise. 

In early 2013, OFCOM are scheduled to be accepting applications for FM Community Licenses in the North West region. There is a caveat to this news of course; due to a shortage of room on FM, they may not be taking bids within the Manchester area itself. But that will not stop this station and this club from putting together a strong and credible plan in the meantime. The message from the FC United board last week and from the membership at last year’s AGM, shows that there is strong support to grow what FCUM Radio is capable of in the future. 

And if it transpires that FM is not meant to be for 2013, then we must seek the next best thing, and keep striving for the best, to ensure that FCUM Radio continues to be the trailblazing entity it has now been since its founding in November 2006. 

In the coming months, working with the club, FCUM Broadcasting wants to draw up a plan for Moston, so that when the stadium is built, FCUM Radio are in the position to hit the ground running and can begin to properly redefine what community radio actually means: Football, Community and Music United.

Thank you all for your continued support


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