So This Big FCUM Radio Announcement Then

What can you say about FCUM Radio? A right bunch of dicks perhaps sums it up perfectly for many within the FC United family.  For others looking in from the outside; it will probably look like the most bizarre niche idea ever conceived, an entire radio station dedicated to a non league football club, how very typical.

From three blokes at The Willows in November 2006, to the largest volunteer only radio station in the UK in March 2012.  All this for a football club which will very soon go from being a nomadic firecracker, to that of a thriving Mancunian institution based in North Manchester.

Yet even at this momentous time down at the mother club, there is a feeling that at FCUM Radio, we may have just about taken this corner of the club as far as it can possibly go, that perhaps the only way is down from here on in.

So what do we do?  We’re just volunteers at the end of the day, running on the fumes of enthusiasm day in day out, how do we keep this circus moving up the hill?  It is this conundrum alone that has led us to this point.

So to you dear listener, to you our fellow member, to you the fan, to you the Armchair Army regular, and to you the onlooker from afar, we ask of you just one question, does FCUM Radio plod along slowly going quietly into the night, or do we do the Mancunian thing, and just go for broke

We think at FCUM Radio, and at our sister station FCUM TV, that you lot would prefer us to do the right thing and just go for it.  After all it has served our club well enough thus far.  So here it is folks, click the link below.

We’ll be back on Wednesday 21st March at 20.00 with a special live show covering this document.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, queries or comment, please email us at and we will answer them all on the night!  A Podcast will also follow soon after.

Thank you for your time, your support and your love over the years.

Here’s to the future, whatever it may be

FCUM Radio and FCUM TV


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