Thank You

Last night FCUM Radio hosted its almost annual musical extravaganza, The FCUM Radio Summer Proms, down at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge.

During the evening, attendees were graced by six of the best acts in Manchester today. And we’re not just saying that, we genuinely could not have asked for better.

FCUM Radio would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in last night’s amazing evening, and in particular we would like to highlight the goodwill and love that was flying around the room last night too.

From our hosts The Ruby Lounge to the acts themselves, who all donated their time and energy for purely the love of it.  And of course, to you, the audience, who turned up in numbers to help raise £400 to go towards our future studio at Broadhurst Park.

We simple could not have asked for any more.

Thank you


FCUM Radio Summer Proms 2014 - LINKS

The Ruby Lounge

Kelli Blanchett

Marv Willers

Bees of Burden

Throw Them Bones

Gideon Conn

Hey Bulldog

Prom Night


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