Welcome to Friday 11th March 2011

Welcome to Friday on FCUM Radio

Which can only mean that weekend is here, and what a weekend it is going to be folks. Yes FC Live is back tomorrow and the FCUM Radio team can hardly wait with Marv due another run out as producer. But as for today well welcome to a day which holds your last chance to listen to this week’s daytime line-up here on FCUM Radio.

So tune in and celebrate at 10am with The Shindig Breakfast Show with Ben and Marv. At 11.30am, Marv stays on the air for The FCUM Radio Gig Guide. At 1pm this afternoon, join Rockin John Cron for Dadrock and Dance, and at 4pm don’t forget The Show With No Name with Stevie D and Doh. Whilst The FCUM Radio Community Guide with Ben and Marv joins the party at 6pm.

Tonight is wonderful too here on FCUM Radio. At 7pm, join Swampy and Pace for another edition of the one day BAFTA Awards viewing Red Rebel Radio.

At 8pm, join Roy Slinger with the perfect show to get you in the mood for the weekend, yes, Reggae Latin Funk Bass Beats is here from 8pm.

And lastly but not leastly at 9.30pm this evening, join Neil Boothman for the interesting, the lovely, the fine and the beautiful, eleven’s songs of pure gold, its Eleven’s Heaven.

So that’s Friday on FCUM Radio, Enjoy



10:00 – The Shindig Breakfast Show

11:30 – FCUM Radio Gig Guide

12:30 – This Club Is My Club

13:00 – Dadrock & Dance

15:30 – This Club Is My Club

16:00 – The Show With No Name

18:00 – FCUM Radio Community Guide

19:00 – Red Rebel Radio

20:00 – Reggae Latin Funk Bass Beats

21:00 – This Club Is My Club

21:30 – Eleven’s Heaven

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