Welcome to Friday 3rd December

Welcome to Friday on FCUM Radio

Today marks your last chance to listen to this week’s DayTime programmes here on FCUM Radio. So make sure you tune in at 11am for The Shindig Breakfast Show, at 1pm for Dadrock & Dance, and at 5pm for The FCUM Radio Community Guide.

Tonight we have the ultimate warm up acts for your weekend known to man. Tune in at 6pm for The Roost with Stuart James, where dear Stu focuses on one marvellous act in particular for a whole hour.

At 7pm this evening, tune into the increasingly popular Michael Ward, for an hour of brilliant modern folk and electronica.

At 8pm this evening, tune into The Funktion Room with the mighty Martin Abrams, for an hour of quality funk. A must if you value joy.

And for one last time, tune in tonight at 9.30pm for the final showing of this week’s FC Live Replay, Brighton v FC United in the FA Cup from last Saturday.

So that’s Friday on FCUM Radio, Enjoy



10:00 – Folk In The Morning

11:00 – The Shindig Breakfast Show

12:30 – This Club Is My Club

13:00 – Dadrock & Dance

15:30 – This Club Is My Club

16:00 – The Anarchy Selection

17:00 – FCUM Radio Community Guide

18:00 – The Roost

19:00 – The Michael Ward Hour

20:00 – The Funktion Room

21:00 – This Club Is My Club

21:30 – FC Live Replay – Brighton v FC United

23:30 – FCUM Radio Jukebox

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