Welcome to Saturday 29th January 2011

Welcome to Saturday on FCUM Radio

Today we bring to you everything that is good about the station dedicated to FC United of Manchester; 15 hours of glorious and beyond marvellous radio. Enjoy it while you can for next week it all changes, news on that soon.

It all begins this morning at 10am with your perfect dietary requirement of a sporting breakfast with an all new Sports Review Show, as they discuss Graygate and the transfer window.

At 11am we bring to you Children Of The Revolution, with special guests Josh, Ben and Fred from the FC Uth. This is followed by the Michael Ward Hour with Ben and Marv as guest presenters this week. This leads us to 1pm and The Bare Necessities, this week with special guest Swampy, the advertised episode featuring Cockers will air next week.

At 2pm we have the main event of the day with FC Live. Join the FCUM Radio matchday team live from the GMB Stadium at 2pm for a full preview, followed by full live match commentary from 3pm as FC United visit Frickley Athletic.

But our day doesn’t finish there people, oh no it doesn’t, stay tuned and join Russ Clark and the boys at 6pm for a brand new Bonus Round to hear the latest news from the world of computer gaming. And at 7pm we have Roy Slinger and his Reggae Latin Funk Bass Beats, tremendous stuff.

At 8pm, the remarkable being that is Tony Fever takes over the airwaves as your guide and host for The Time Travelling Turntable, where will it take you this evening. At 9pm join Chris Rogers for The Downtempo Sessions for your perfect post match wind down, and at 10pm stay tuned for The Show With No Name, your last chance to enjoy it before it sells out and goes all daytime on us

And lastly but not leastly, tune in at 11pm tonight for your perfect nightcap with Eleven’s Heaven hosted by Neil Boothman.

So that’s Saturday on FCUM Radio, Enjoy



10:00 – The Sports Review Show

11:00 – Children Of The Revolution – Josh, Fred and Ben from The FC Uth

12:00 – The Michael Ward Hour (R)

13:00 – Bare Necessities – FC Radio’s Swampy

14:00 – FC Live!! Join FCUM Radio for Frickley Ath v FC United

18:00 – Bonus Round

19:00 – Reggae Latin Funk Bass Beats

20:00 – The Time Travelling Turntable

21:00 – Downtempo Sessions

22:00 – Show With No Name (R)

23:00 – Eleven’s Heaven (R)

01:00 – FCUM Radio Jukebox

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