Welcome to Wednesday 12th January 2011

Welcome to Wednesday on FCUM Radio

And today’s highlight must Shirley go to The FC Live Replay, tonight at 7pm. This evening we bring you another chance to listen to FC United of Manchester verses Bradford Park Avenue from Saturday 8th January 2011. And what better way to warm up for such a programme then to listen to Swampy and Pace with The Red Rebel Radio Show at 6pm this evening. Wonderful

Today starts at 11am with this weeks Shindig Breakfast Show, tune in for the top 10 album chart and of course to find out stuff of an amusing nature, like for example, the top 10 album chart. Dadrock and Dance with the beautiful Rockin’ John Cron follows at 1pm, so tune into that and let the afternoon just fly by.

And don’t forget FC Land, that the FCUM Radio Gig Guide at 4pm and The FCUM Radio Community Guide at 5pm will let you know all that you need to know about what’s going on in Manchester over the next week.

So that’s Wednesday on FCUM Radio, Enjoy



10:00 – Folk In The Morning

11:00 – The Shindig Breakfast Show

12:30 – This Club Is My Club

13:00 – Dadrock & Dance

15:30 – This Club Is My Club

16:00 – FCUM Radio Gig Guide

17:00 – FCUM Radio Community Guide

18:00 – Red Rebel Radio (R)

19:00 – FC Live Replay! FC vs Bradford Park Avenue (8 Jan 2011)

21:00 – This Club Is My Club

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