Why We Need a Studio

You may have heard in recent weeks that FCUM Radio has started to promote their almost annual Summer Proms fundraising event for this year, taking place this August at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge.

The last time FCUM Radio embarked on such a fundraising effort, it was for the FC United Development Fund back in 2010, with the station raising almost £1,000 for the fund that summer.  This time round however, FCUM Radio are fundraising for a very different beast, as the station begins its push for a new studio, to be located hopefully somewhere in FC United’s new ground at Broadhurst Park, Moston.



For a long time now, FCUM Radio has been a DIY entity, where all of our DJs and presenters, produce content from their own homes.   That works out currently at roughly 25 hours of original content produced every week during a football season.

This is on top of the other makeshift content that FCUM Radio produces wherever the station can find a plug socket and a table, programmes like FC Live, It’ll Be Off and The NPL Show.

In addition, FCUM Radio this past season has also launched FCUM Community Radio, where the station, in partnership with FC United’s community team, now delivers 20 hours of adult learning a week.



Sure, all of the above was done without a studio base, and for many of our volunteers, this way of doing things will continue. But we feel that the station has now reached a point where we are unable to do anymore than we already do.

What this means in practice is that FCUM Radio is unable to offer any volunteer presenter slots to anyone who cannot afford the DIY equipment needed, and/or cannot get their head around the do-it-from-home technology aspect required. What this has meant is that FCUM Radio is actually losing its total number of volunteers as the years go by, which if left unchecked, will impact on the station in the future.

Having no studio has also meant that FCUM Radio heavily neglects vitally important areas of the club, namely FC United’s junior contingent, the FC Uth, as well as the club’s female support base.  Put bluntly, FCUM Radio is failing when it comes to representing all sections of FC United’s support on our station.

Without a studio, FCUM Community Radio is also restricted in what it can offer it’s learners.  All 12 week courses which the club and station currently run, ends for the vast majority of learners with a certificate and a handshake.  As a station we have no means of progressing people onto the next level, without the help from entities outside of the club.



With a permanent base, FCUM Radio will be able to do so much more.

  • It will make FCUM Radio accessible to everyone, not just the people who are technology savvy, or those people who can afford the equipment.
  • It will mean that FCUM Community Radio can offer greater opportunities and progression for individuals and communities across Greater Manchester, to get involved with the club further.
  • It means that FCUM Radio moves to Moston and expands what FC United can already offer to Manchester from within Broadhurst Park.



The building of Broadhurst Park I think we can all agree has been, and continues to be, a mammoth undertaking, so FCUM Radio isn’t about to start ringing up Kevin McCloud just yet.

But this does not mean that we should sit on our hands waiting for the future to fall into our laps.

Over the last few years, the station has been preparing for a studio in Moston. We have already purchased the computer needed for the studio, we have the mixing desk all ready to go…… we even have a bass drum (apparently this will help make the studio look trendy), which has been sitting in Marv’s flat for the past 4 years.

But despite all of this equipment, we are still well short of what we ultimately need to make this studio dream a reality.

This year’s FCUM Radio Summer Proms therefore marks the start of a fundraising drive which we hope, will mean that FCUM Radio will be bouncing into Broadhurst Park sooner, rather than later.

So please come along on Wednesday the 6th of August for The FCUM Radio Summer Proms, and help make our dream come true.

Thank You



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